Overview of Sputnik P2P Bot

Sputnik P2P bot allows you to send tips, send /receive funds and buy & sell your crypto assets in a simple and secure interface.

P2P-exchange bot: @SputnikNetworkBot
Tech.Support: @SputnikNetwork
News channel: @SputnikDish

Interface of Sputnik P2P Telegram Bot

Sputnik has a simple interface with Six( 6) buttons for quick launch.

you can simply use “/help” command to get all the commands using in the bot.

How to withdraw funds from Sputnik

  1. Press withdraw button

2)Select the token that you want to withdraw

(I took $OSMO as an example)

3) Enter the amount you want to send

4))Enter the blockchain address

Make sure to input the correct memo if you are going to withdraw to an exchange, No need of Memo if you are going to withdraw to a private wallet (use No memo option)

5)Confirm the transaction

How to deposit funds to Sputnik

  1. Click on the deposit button

2)Select currency you need to top up( I select $OSMO as an example)

3)Copy your deposit address as well as your Memo .(This is very important)

4) enter the amount, deposit address, and memo in your wallet

It's very important to submit Memo otherwise your funds will be stuck on the exchange account. In this kind of scenario feel free to contact Tech Support: @SputnikNetwork

5) confirm transaction from your wallet /exchange

How to send tips using Sputnik

  1. Click on Sent Tip

2. Input Telegram username or StarName of the fund receiver

3 Select the currency type you want to send (I select $Osmo) & Input the amount of funds you need to send

4. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction

  • *You can use “/history” command to see your transaction history”

Note: I will teach you how to Buy and Sell using P2P sputnik bot. Stay tuned for the next guide .



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